Final Total as of 18 Feb 2018
43% of Kāpiti signed!

Everyone knows medical services in Kāpiti have not kept up with needs. With Kāpiti projected to grow faster, the time has come for us to demand the services we require. Kāpiti needs a Community Hospital. I fully support the petition organised by the Kāpiti Health Coalition. Join the campaign for a Community Hospital sign the petition at Coastlands Mall, your local New World Supermarket or any of the other signup sites below.

K Gurunathan

The kapiti Health Coalition Petition

When the Kāpiti Health Coalition (KHC) launched the Petition with the objective of asking the incoming Government for a “Community Style Hospital” on the Kāpiti Coast, we don’t think we fully realised that we would end up with over 22,000 signatures!   This is outstanding, and we truly want to thank each and every one of you who have signed.  Every single  signature is important. One dimension that we certainly hadn’t appreciated prior to actually talking to people while collecting signatures was that many of you have quite frightening stories to tell -  mostly around the fact that Kāpiti residents have a long way to go for Medical help – help that in some occasions was needed in life-threatening situations.   We thought that our own experiences were bad enough, but compared with what some of you have had to handle ours paled into insignificance.

KHC recognize that we need to keep the Community informed about progress. So – what next?   Going by comments made to members of the KHC while collecting signatures, it is clear the Major issue in Kāpiti is the need for 24/7 Accident and Medical service.  
Before we go any further we need to develop a very sound “business case” to support our petition, and that is where we are currently at. It needs to be as water-tight as possible to give us the best chance of succeeding. We have begun work on this and will present it to the Minister of Health along with the petition as soon as we are able.

Any “Community Style Hospital” will take a number of years and in the meantime, we are in dire need of better Health Services.  So, in any discussion with the Minister of Health we need to look at the long and the short term.  
We are planning a “community event” when we launch the petition and we want to involve as many. people as possible in that event.  We will let you know the time and date and all the other information as soon we have it plannedOnce again thank you to all these who signed and we will keep you up to date with developments.

Jill Stansfield
Sue Emirali
For the kapiti Health Coalition
KCH is in the DomPost newspaper 24 July 2017 see the story here

Thanks to Mayor Guru for launching the petition, we collected over 200 signatures during the launch alone! But this is only the start, we still need people to sign the petition. So please get down to Coastlands, your local New World supermarket, public library or any of the other sign up sites and sign the petition.

Our Community Needs
24/hour Emergency Department
To handle the minor emergencies closer to home 24 hours a day. Also a place for people to be assessed instead of being needlessly bundled off to Wellington Hospital.
mr500_Out_Patient1_idx49509075.jpg Local Outpatient Facilities

Outpatient should mean exactly that. Not in and out of Wellington. A community hospital could handle most outpatient needs right here in Kāpiti.
Saving waiting/travel time and reducing distress for patients.
Family Support Closer
to Home

Having a sick loved one is bad enough without adding time and travel. Make it easier for local families to help the healing process.
Earthquake_idx32501861.png Kāpiti will be Cut Off Both North and South in an Earthquake

When there is a major earthquake in Wellington Kāpiti will be cut off from both Wellington Hospital and Palmerston North Hospital. Kāpiti needs it's own local community hospital.e and reducing distress for patients.
Local Minor Surgeries & Specialists

Minor surgeries shouldn't mean major travel. Seeing a specialist should be possible in Kāpiti without long waits followed by long journeys. Future advances in telemedicine will mean locals can see a specialist in Wellington from Kāpiti.
Bee_Hive_idx51758814.png Kāpiti is Not Wellington

  • 30% of Kāpiti population have a disability compared with 24% NZ wide
  • ~46% of Kāpiti disability population is 65+ years
  • Kāpiti's has specific needs which are hampered by long waiting and travel times
Less Traveling & Waiting

Over 7,000 people from Kāpiti were sent to Wellington Hospital by ambulance last year.

Travel time: 14,000 hours If you allow an
average of 30mins waiting time that's over
4 months spent traveling to and from
Mental Health in Kāpiti

Mental health services in Kāpiti are not keeping up with demand.

Greater local support is needed for those suffering from short and long term mental illnesses, drug addictions and depression.
~53,000 people live in Kāpiti

Kāpiti's aging population is pressuring the health system

We need a community hospital that fits our growing needs and the realities of a major earthquake in Wellington.
Kāpiti_Left_idx21769999.png Kāpiti_Right_idx97470667.png